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  2. Twttr's Inception

    1. me: We have loging working on twttr. Working on actually setting the status now.
    2. login i mean
    3. Biz: holy crap thats awesome
    4. we have the domain too, right?
    5. me: dunno, did you buy it? or was that noah?
    6. Biz: ev bought twttr
    7. me: ah, cool. i guess we do then. deploys haven't been set up to it. it's just on florian and my work computers.
    8. Biz: thats cool

  3. Social Graph vs. Interest Graph

    Social Graph: Social networks that map your existing offline relationships, and are merely a website that provides online tools to enhance and foster these connections (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn).

    Interest Graph: Social networks that are built around specific topics of interest, and are formed because individuals are lacking such relationships in their offline lives and thus aggregate into communities online (i.e. Twitter, Citizun).

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  5. "Good design adds value of some kind, gives meaning, and, not incidentally, can be sheer pleasure to behold; it respects the viewer’s sensibilities and rewards the entrepreneur. - Paul Rand"
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  6. The most insightful design presentation I’ve ever read. A quick read, and full case studies, quotes, and industry insights. 

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  8. The alphabet according to Google: data visualization of letter distribution by Search via Tom U.

  9. littlebigdetails:

    Chrome - After you copy a URL from the navigation bar, it automatically adds http:// in front of it when you paste it somewhere else. 

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  10. Why companies like Facebook, Twitter, eBay, and Apple (but not Google) will determine the future of the world